Since the Club establishing the Summer International Rallies and Fall Bieszczady Rallies became our tradition. We are doing our best to organize them as perfect and safe as possible and attractive to our members. Despite our own rallies we are intending to take part in other interesting bike events here in Poland and abroad as well.

Here is the list of the most interesting events attended by our Club Members:

Year 1999:

I International Rally - Grzymek

Summer Rally in Bieszczady

Autumn Rally in Bieszczady

Year 2000:

II International Rally - Grzymek

Year 2001:

Season opening - Karolinow

III International Rally - Walcz

Indian International Rally - Zeddam, Holland

Autumn Rally in Bieszczady

Parzydlaki meeting

Year 2002:

IV International Rally - Maradki

Harley-Davidson Rally - Breda, Holland

Indian International Rally - Slovenia

End of the season - Janow Lubelski

Autumn Rally in Bieszczady

Year 2003:

100 years of Harley-Davidson - Stara Papiernia, Konstancin

Season opening - Kamienczyk

V International Rally - Kosewo

Summer journey - England

Autumn Rally in Bieszczady

Year 2004:

Season opening - Goluchow

American Motorcycle Museum opening - Raalte, Holandia

VI International Rally - Kosewo

Autumn Rally in Bieszczady

Year 2005:

Season opening - Janowiec / Kazimierz

VII International Rally - Kosewo

End of the season - Cisna

Summer journey - Scotland

Year 2006:

Season opening - Kamienczyk

Summer journey - Nordkapp

International Indian Rally - Sweden

VIII International Rally - Kosewo

End of the season - Nowa Slupia

Odrzykon meeting

Year 2007:

Meeting in Jaworzyna Slaska

Isle of Man - England, Centenary of the T.T. Races

Rally in Breda - Holland

IX International Rally - Kosewo

End of the season - Pieniny - Krościenko

Meeting in Odrzykon

Year 2008:

Season opening - Brzeg

10th International Rally - Rodowo

International Indian Rally - Finland

End of the season - Bukowina Tatrzańska

Meeting in Odrzykon

Year 2009:

Oldtimers Party - Pub "Dwa Koła"

Season opening - Tykocin

Rotor Olsztyn Rally

International Indian Rally Scotland

11th International Rally - Rodowo

Season ending - Przemyśl

Year 2010:

Season opening - Krasnobrod

Summer Rally Mazury - Borowski Las

International Indian Rally - Norway

Season ending - Kletno/Branna


Year 2011:

Season opening - Wolsztyn


Summer Rally - Maradki

Season ending - Salino

Year 2012:

Season opening - Łężyce


International Indian Rally


Season ending - Ogrodzieniec


Year 2013:

V-th National Motorcycle Exhibition - Warsaw

Season opening - "Brodziakówka"

Super Rally - Wrocław

Summer rally - Wolsztyn

Season ending – Bieszczady

Year 2014:

Season opening - Krzymoszyce

Summer rally – Sulejow

International Indian Rally - Italy

Season ending - Zakopane

Autumn meeting - Bieszczady

Year 2015:

Season opening - Kamieńczyk

Nostalgia Rally I

Summer Rally - Wolsztyn

Season ending - Brzezina

Autumn meeting - Bieszczady

Year 2016:

Season opening - Pluski

Nostalgia Rally II

Season ending - Poronin

Bieszczady - Wetlina

Year 2017:

Summer rally - Sielska Woda

Season ending - Lutomiersk

Year 2018:

Season opening - Brodziakówka

Nostalgia Rally III

Season ending - Bochnia

Year 2019:

Season opening - Susiec

Summer rally - Wola Kopcowa

Season ending - Gliwice


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